Rev. Alan Lorimer …a Fond Farewell

It’s lunch time Sunday, and I’m sitting in my kitchen with a cup of tea listening to a heavy summer shower pummelling down outside. My ham sandwich lunch is helping me chew over the last few hours where the congregation of Mossley Methodist sat for one last time listening to a mighty man God. 

For his final duty as our minister in Mossley Church the Reverend Alan Lorimer took to the pulpit and delivered a sermon that was true to his ministry from day one… that which challenges listeners to ‘step up’, to change opinions and ultimately put on the mind of Christ.

As always, Alan followed the Lectionary reading for today and expressed his delight at how appropriate a closing address it was after having spent a seven year ministry with us. 

Unsurprisingly Alan didn’t make it about himself, but instead drew from the exchange in dialogue within Luke 9: 57-62. Here, just as Jesus reproached the individual followers for their ‘looking back’ attitudes, Alan reflected that we as believers must also keep moving forward with Christ and not look back.

I don’t think I am over exaggerating when I say that Alan has enlightened and enriched our congregation with his blend of Faith, Knowledge and Mindfulness. Also we can take great pride in the fact that, for such a small congregation, under his guidance we have produced astonishingly four local preachers! Also under his leadership we were privileged to welcome and help nurture ministerial candidates in their final year of bible college. 

Alans special brand of humour will be missed. His lively competitiveness at a fun night blended with his good natured humour at the absurd.

It would be true to say that everyone has a story about Alan, talking of the positive inspiration he has been on their lives, ranging from the pulpit to hospital and home visits. 

I know personally if anyone mentioned Alan to my own Father, the first thing he would do, would be to reach into his shirt breast pocket and extract a little wooden cross he had given him. Something small, which gives my Dad great comfort. 

The impact Alan has had on Mossley conjures up a multitude of stories and thanks, many of which we were fortunate to hear at the Farewell Evening last Wednesday. This was a great night, and I thank the organisers for putting so much thought, fun and consideration into the evening. Everyone really felt united in honouring the legacy Alan has left within our church family. 

Alan Lorimer, you will be sorely missed dear friend, however we will not be looking back, but genuinely hope that you can drop in on us from time to time. We wish you many many blessings in both your ministry and counselling careers at Jennymount Methodist.

In closing on behalf of us all, and I do not utter this lightly, I wish to say … Alan you’re a legend.


If you want to express any best wishes to Alan please feel free to do so at the bottom of this web page in the LEAVE A REPLY box. 

OR maybe you want to find out what you have been missing, then why on go to the LISTEN section of this website, where you can find a selection of Alan’s Sermons.

2 thoughts on “Rev. Alan Lorimer …a Fond Farewell”

  1. I know God brought you into our lives Alan. So very thankful for the teaching you brought to us….teaching that helped us to see how much we are loved by our Heavenly Father❤️. How much deeper and wider His outrageous grace is to all His children.❤️ God bless you as you start this new chapter in your life. Jennymount are blessed to have you. 😀

  2. Alan, Cliff and I wish you and Pauline God’s richest blessing and thank you for the wonderful Influence you had upon our lives in COGS.
    May God be always with you as you seek to do His will and further His Kingdoms.
    Love Yvonne and Cliff.😁

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