Mossley introduces A Heart-Space …or is it a space with a heart?

It has taken time to transpire, but we can firmly say that the evolution of this ‘Heart Space’ has ticked all boxes. 

The end result is a practical space for like minded people to commune, while equally allowing the user to feel embraced within the quiet of Gods presence. All this has been made possible through the tasteful creativity of Christine. 

A team of people helped source product and refurbish the space, formally known as ‘The Johnston Room’, from a once dreary echo chamber (am I being a little harsh?), into a cheerful, welcoming and much warmer (aided by the new wall heaters) environment.

Key feature changes would be smoothing the walls by plastering and painting, carpeting, spotlighting, louver blinds and new wall heaters and sockets. 

Although the room splits into a soft seated area and a breakout area, users still feel the sense of community as they are drawn together by the wall art and accents of colour. 

The Johnston Room still continues to serve the other purposes of church life and groups, whilst being a big draw for a cuppa both before and after Sunday service.

Thank you to everyone involved, most of all thank you to everyone who gave donations along with the legacy money left by Lena Campbell which allowed the project to get firmly off the ground. 

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