Some of you who can not attend Sunday morning service regularly, may wish to worship in giving financially to our church by following some of the options below:

No matter how you choose to give, if you have a Free Will Offering (FWO) number, please apply it beside your name.
A FWO number helps the church track payments through the bank account whilst maintaining confidentiality.

In addition, if you are a UK Taxpayer, please remember to fill out a Gift Aid Declaration Form, which allows our church to claim an additional 25% on what you give.

We appreciate that it takes up your time in completing the Gift Aid Declaration Form, however this makes a significant difference to church income at no extra cost to you.

Please return the Gift Aid Declaration Form and any other financial correspondence by post: FAO Treasurer, Keith Speers, 2 Ferndale Avenue, Newtownabbey, BT36 5AL

Ways To Gift:

STANDING ORDER via Internet Banking

If you use internet banking simply go online and set up the standing order yourself using the account details (RECIPIENTS NAME, BANK NAME, SORT CODE and ACCOUNT NUMBER).
This information you can request from Keith Speers (Treasurer) by emailing:

NOTE: Be sure to clearly identify your standing order:
Reference = e.g John Smith / FWO Number (if you have one)

STANDING ORDER to your Bank Manager

To set this up simply download, print and complete the forms from the links below and post them as instruction to your bank. You will need the church BANK NAME AND BRANCH ADDRESS, SORT CODE, ACCOUNT NUMBER, this information you can request from Keith Speers (Treasurer) by emailing:


If you would like to continue giving using your Free Will Offering envelopes we would ask that you give by cheque once a month.
Please make it payable to Mossley Methodist Church and address it to The Treasurer, Keith Speers, 2 Ferndale Avenue, Newtownabbey, BT36 5AL

**We would ask that you do not put cash in the envelopes for safety reasons**
NOTE: If you would like to give, it is not a requirement to have a FWO number, however if you wish to acquire one then again please contact Keith Speers (Treasurer)


The easiest possible way to give online, is via the Mossley Methodist JustGiving page HERE. This has been launched to aid us in this time of financial restrictions.


Gift Aid Declaration

Standing Order Mandate

However you choose to give, the leaders and church council of Mossley Methodist are most grateful for your continued support and prayers.

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