Mission + Creative Love

I was admiring some of the Craft Club handy work in the foyer a few weeks back, and I thought it’s over due since we last heard an update from them. I think you will be very proud of our ladies when you read on, they have not only great creative skills but great big hearts for mission and service.

These 8 ladies are certainly an inspiration. Meeting every Friday as a church based group, undertake projects that are not only impactful but also with destinations that are incredibly moving.

In the past we have heard of how they supplied counsellors with knitted hand puppets to aid communication with children. These little troubled souls can at times find it more comforting to speak to the cuddly toy rather than an adult.

Other past projects with the elderly involved supplying knee blankets and twiddlemitt. What’s a twiddlemitt you may ask, well its a knitted /crocheted mitt adorned with a variety of well secured texture items. Some elderly with dementia need something to fiddle with or ’TWIDDLE’. The idea is these are warn as mitts or cuffs to bring comfort and calm. Nursing home elderly ladies have also been supplied with clothes and blankets for their dolls. All this brings joy and wellbeing in their twilight years.

Sensory Band for Dementia sufferers
a Twiddlemitt

These faithful ladies production line doesn’t stop there. Always funding materials and equipment from their own pockets. Im told that Roberta and Dorothy are very resourceful with great faith on how postage and delivery costs will be covered.

Also benefiting with hats, scarves and gloves for The Mission to Seafarers Belfast, a charity which cares for the needs of seafarers arriving here in our capital from across the globe. The same items supplied again along with ‘polo-neck inserts’ for the homeless on the streets of Belfast.

Knitting children’s hats for the container Shoe Box ministry and as you can see below the most beautiful baby clothes for Romania.

An example of baby hats and cardigans that go out to an array of projects

In our own church, Refuge Youth Club have also benefitted from the ladies handy work where they created phone and iPad covers for the young people. Further reaching out to these kids Hettie went along to encourage some of the young girls to pick up needles. By all accounts the girls were very good.

Whilst these projects have been undertaken, The Royal Maternity Hospital, The Ulster Hospital and The Antrim Area Hospital have received a vast amount of hand made tiny baby clothes for premature babies in the Neo-natal units.

On a more somber but incredibly caring note the ladies in the Craft Club have also made tiny baby burial clothes… these babies born asleep at a very early stage of pregnancy are too small to be able to find something that gives dignity and respect, the aim is to offer a little kindness towards the parents in their loss. It’s heartbreaking to see these little items, and as I carefully handled them to photograph I could only imagine a grieving parent having this single opportunity to dress and care for their little one. Notibly, how tiny the little hats are, coming in three sizes.

Tiny Burial Cloths & Blanket – knitted with love, reflected in the heart design

Being creative mission means, always looking and keeping an ear to the ground for inspiration or a new project to become involved in. Hettie wants to encourage anyone who hears of a cause that the Craft Club can support with their skills to please get in touch. Also Hettie is always keen to have new recruits, and would take great pleasure in teaching anyone to knit sew or crochet if you’re willing to learn.

The latest Craft Club project, which is very close to their hearts, is supporting Midwife Diane Lockhart at The Amani Family Centre in Uganda. Diane who originally comes from Lisburn (pictured below and not hard to pick out) is the sole Midwife for the Centre and faces many challenges that bring great Joy and sadness.

Midwife Diane Lockhart and ladies who attend The Amani Family Centre

The Craft Club came to hear of Diane and The Amani Family Centre through Roberta and Dorothy who both to support her in any way they can and have inspired the club to make baby hats, cardigans and blankets with the aim that Diane gets to send every new born home dressed and wrapped up in a blanket. Roberta, Dorothy and Hettie also look in the charity shops for 0 to 3 months vests and baby grows.

Sample of the baby blankets sent to Uganda

Without any official help or funding, Diane lives by faith in God. You can follow her story and that of the ladies who attend on Facebook by following this link HERE. This is truly an inspirational lady who I don’t doubt would treasure your prayers and support. There are also details on the Facebook page giving Bank details for donations.

Back on home ground and speaking to the Reverend Wesley Campbell about his mission visits to a different part of Uganda the Craft Club have a further baby clothes order to add to their list.

If you feel this cause is something you want to get behind but sadly knitting needles are not your friend, then why not help out by supplying wool or money for materials and postage. The ladies would also be grateful for your prayers over the projects and that where their creations are received that they are ‘beyond blessings’ bringing comfort and joy.

For further information feel free to contact Mossley Methodist via the comments box below.


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