this morning be sure not to miss Lou and her last service with us

Looking forward to hearing Lou Monroe and her last service in Mossley this morning. Far reaching has been her devotion within our church family, she has shown a dedication to the Lords kingdom that is a reflection of His Grace and in so, a challenge to us.

Many blessings as you take up your new ministry position in Newcastle, you will always be welcome and a valued extended member of our church family.




6 months have passed since Edith Raj took on the roll of President in our MWi (Methodist Women in Ireland) at Mossley

… I asked Edith (a long term member) how she was settling in. “Truth be told I am still finding my feet, I really stepped out of my comfort zone when it became apparent that without a President our MWi would have to fold. The ladies have been so supportive and encouraging”.


Stepping into Lena Campbell’s shoes after a 9 year term of President could feel a challenge, but I am sure with support and prayers, Edith will soon feel that she has made her own mark.

Lena told me of how she enjoyed her time as President and continues to be an active member “they are just such a great bunch”.

By all accounts they certainly seem to enjoy their time together … the squeals of laughter that leek out under the closed door and into the hallway is a testament to that!

MWi meets every month on a Monday night at 8 – 9 (ish). All ladies of any age are welcome to pop along and have fellowship and listen and interact with the visiting speaker. Ask Sandra Conroy or Edith Raj for further details.