Even though current restrictions from the NI Executive have changed, The Methodist Church in Ireland (along with the other main denominations throughout this Provence) have decided, for the time being, that we WILL CONTINUE to wear masks throughout the service.

Please respect this to insure you and your fellow worshippers – particularly the vulnerable – are kept safe. 

Congregation members must not attend church activities if they have any COVID symptoms.

If someone in the household has Covid, ensure that others from that household are cautious at attending church activities.

  • Please note, if you are not fully vaccinated, and over 18 years, where someone in your household has COVID symptoms, the NHS and Methodist Church in Ireland advice is that you take a Lateral Flow Test and self isolate as duty of care.

The Methodist Church in Ireland also has asked EVERYONE to ensure that they take up the vaccination and booster.

(The service will continue to be made available to those who feel they cannot attend, via Website and Telephone access)

Expect the Church Sanctuary to be well ventilated, with seating spaced out allowing for families and individuals.

Listed below are requirements for your safety. This is in compliance with the NI Executive and the Methodist Church in Ireland.

  1. Do not attend church if you are unwell and exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms
  2. The Methodist Church in Ireland have formally made the wearing of face masks on entering and leaving the building compulsory.
  3. Maintain 2m social distancing at all times. (There will be no handshakes or hugs)
  4. Use the hand sanitiser provided on entry to the building
  5. To enable ‘Track and Trace’, ensure that you provide your name and contact information to the Stewards
  6. All young children must remain with their parents throughout the service
  7. Toilets are available, but are restricted to a maximum occupancy of 1 people at any one time. Please wait outside until a place becomes available
  8. Offering may now be placed in a slotted collection box fitted to the wall on entrance to the Sanctuary
  9. There will be no crèche or Sunday School
  10. Take home your litter. i.e tissues, sweet wrappers, empty bottles, nappies
  11. Please maintain social distancing in the car park and foyer to ensure that everyone can safely leave

The leadership team in Mossley have the hope and trust that these measures will not hinder our call to Worship. We believe that where His people are, God is in the midst.

Matthew 18:20

 For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.

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