NEW: Mossley Telephone Sunday Services

Do you have a relative or neighbour who doesn’t have internet access? Maybe you feel they could really benefit from our new telephone landline ministry?
NOW for the first time and at just the rate of a local* call, your relative or neighbour can listen and take part in the same online Sunday Service brought to us every week by the Rev Sam Campbell.

All you have to do is simply ring this number 028 9507 2248 from your telephone, after an automated voice the readings, reflections and prayers from Sam will begin.

Please pass this on, share it to your own social media pages, and pray this new communicative ministry will bless and comfort anyone self-isolating who are not as well ‘connected’ as we are, and in doing so, we pray this helps them to feel as valued as ever within our church community.

*If the billpayers land line has inclusive minutes, then the calls would also be free.

Image courtesy of Shutterstock

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