‘United’ Call To Pray

In these days when we can no longer gather and ‘be church’ in the traditional way, our Leaders from across this land have jointly called their denominations to unite tomorrow in our homes for an hour of prayer. You can read the joint Statement HERE

Between 3 -4pm on Palm Sunday 5th April we are asked to pray together for our health and social care services and those working on the frontline. A recognition of the vast array of jobs that are essential to the functioning of our society. Also to give thanks for the speed with which local communities, involving churches, community groups, charities, businesses and other local community leaders, who have mobilised in response in protection of the vulnerable.

These charities that provide much-needed support, also need donations, so please prayerfully consider giving online.

“In these days when we can no longer gather and ‘be church’ in the traditional way, the call to live out the Gospel as agents of God’s mercy and compassion through the sacrifices that we make to protect the vulnerable, and by finding new ways to be ‘Good Samaritans’ and good neighbours is as powerful as ever”.

So tomorrow between 3 and 4 pm, as we begin the journey through Holy Week towards Good Friday and Easter, lets stand alongside other denominations and Christian organisations, and battle this pandemic through the power of prayer!

Below find some guidance to help you as you pray:

“God loves the world and everyone in it. We pray for those who are sick, and those feeling fearful; we pray for those who have been bereaved and those who are isolated and alone. We pray for our healthcare professionals, delivery drivers, essential workers and all who continue to work on the frontline. We pray for, and with those in our communities, who are fearful about their employment and for those reaching out to provide food and shelter. We pray for our families and friends, neighbours and civic, business and political leaders for the inevitable challenges that will arise in the coming days. We also remember those across our world who are similarly suffering. We pray for those working hard to produce new treatments and vaccines.”

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