Connecting With Our Young People

Mossley Methodist are delighted in sharing with you that our Youth Leader Elaine Gowdy has posted her inaugural video broadcast in the light of Covid19.

Through the medium of Facebook and the REFUGE PAGE, Elaines intension is to the reach out to her children and young people that attend Refuge and Youth Fellowship. In the video Elaine reminds her C&YP’s not to fret or worry, but to bring their concerns, at any time throughout their day, to God who cares for them. Elaine goes on to reassure that she and Simon are praying for each of them and hopes to find ways that they can interact.

We are all trying to find new ways to connect, and as Elaine admits, apologetically, this was way outside her comfort zone. So bless you sister and well done for opening the door to a whole new world of possibilities.

On a final note taken from the video message, Elaine reminds them “be safe by staying at home and keep washing your hands”.
…And that goes for you too!

Elaine Gowdy’s inaugural video to her young people in the Covid19 crisis

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