Our Sense Of Community

Last night a 8pm, I opened my front door and joined with the country in clapping in recognition for the unbelievable work our NHS are doing though this Covid19 crisis. I felt a real sense of community and pride as I listened to clapping, cheers and clanging from my neighbours in the surrounding streets.
We too can hold on to our sense of community within the Methodist Church. Below are some suggestions to help us.

Behind closed doors and in the safety of our homes, rather than being overwhelmed by the constant news reports, it’s important to be able to connect positively and engage with our fellow christians and our God.
The Methodist Church in Ireland (MCI) website have helpful resources to aid us. These resources can help us to continue in the knowledge that we are valued and cherished members of the greater Methodist community.

One such resource, published on our noticeboard last Saturday, was the ‘Sunday’ morning address brought to you by our President, Rev Sam McGuffin. The Methodist Church website has a dedicated page HERE with links from ministers throughout the island who have posted sermons and addresses using various online tools.
The ingenuity of Ministers must be applauded as they have stepped out of their comfort zones and used the likes of YouTube and Facebook to reach out to their congregations and beyond. Most notably, the ‘fearless’ Rev Darrin Thomson performed a live feed through his church facebook account! (users can view it HERE on the Thomas Street Methodist Facebook page).
Indeed if you missed it our own Rev Sam Campbell also successfully gave the first of his online sermons, and intends hosting a weekly bible study using ZOOM video conferencing! Details on this will be published over the weekend.

On the MCI website home page news section, (and this is great for anyone who doesn’t have a Twitter account) tweets are posted in a feed where you can read and follow links to updates as they happen. Find this HERE.

Finally anyone in Mossley who brings prayers of intersession to morning worship will have full knowledge of the Prayer Focus Diary. Why not DOWNLOAD it and join us in continuing to use it. These projects are only ‘on hold’ and will still need your prayers to get them back up and running again.
Also you can SIGN UP HERE to the daily Prayer Focus emails, where they have also included ‘Reflections For Lent’ reminding us that Easter is more relevant than ever.

Article by Church Website Editor

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