Rev Sam Campbell

Sunday Morning Sermon: Brought to you By Rev. Sam Campbell

Greetings Saints. With our church and organisations suspended in the light of Covid19, I have asked the Media Team if we can try this new way of reaching out to you in your homes as you self isolate or social distance.
This feature may need to be tweaked in weeks to come as we settle into it, but my aim is that you find comfort and a continued sense of belonging to our church community at Mossley. It is also my intension to have updates posted from the greater Methodist Church in Ireland as they respond to the crisis.

Before I bring you my first ‘ever’ online sermon I would just like to say that If it is at all possible to spread the word about this new service, especially to anyone who is living alone, please do so. Maybe all it takes is a simple phone call directing them to this site Better still, tell them of how to become a FOLLOWER, allowing them to receive direct email updates (its easy, just click the bottom right FOLLOW tab and enter your email address). It’s surprising to me how members of our older church community have internet access and are au fait with technology …probably more so than I am.

Now let us begin.
I advise you to READ or LISTEN (click on preferred link) to access the reading or following on with your bibles read John 9 1-41. After which, click on the window below and comfortably sit back to listen.

Sermon Audio Video conducted by Rev Sam Campbell of Mossley Methodist Church

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