Good morning reader.
With all the advice we are getting about Covid19, keeping a positive and healthy mind is right up there! We are being told that it’s good to add structure to your day, we all need a plan and keep a regular schedule especially if we are social distancing or self isolating.

As I’m sure you know some people are taking up new skills like learning the guitar that’s sat in the corner for years, trying their hand at baking, bird watching (if you have a nice garden), keep-fit or using online access through youtube keep-fit or yoga. Some people have even decided to re-order that messy junk room.

So here is another suggestion. How long have we been telling ourselves “I must set aside time for God” … here’s that opportunity. Even if you find yourself working from home or home schooling , then all the more important to find a quiet place for YOU.

There are so many study guides out there. Our Daily Bread and Scripture Unions Word Live are but a few free online suggestions to help you come along side God each day, to pray and read scriptures from the bible.

You Version is another resource you can download to your smart phone or computer in the form of an app. This resource provides plans that can choose to span over a few days or weeks. You get to choose the topic and duration that suits your life experience. You also get a reminder and scripture emailed everyday. It’s very fluid and easy to follow, most of all, and this is why I’m suggesting it, they have compiled topic plans that relate to our response to Covid19. Plus you will even find under the products tab a bible app for kids.

So what are you waiting for … because Gods waiting for you!

Follow this CLICK to see just a few of the topics that intend to bring hope through Gods word into our lives at this fearful time.
Click HERE if you wish to download the You Version Bible App

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