Church Closure: Coronavirus Guidance

This afternoon the Methodist Church in Ireland, with Government guidance, have recommended the suspension of all Methodist church services. Furthermore all congregational organisations and activities should also cease.

It is with great sadness and our social responsibility that the leadership of Mossley Methodist agree to comply with these measures. Sam and the leadership team would be very grateful if you would pass on to anyone you know, that as of today all groups and services will cease until further notice.

Sam expresses that although he will not be able to visit, he can provide pastoral care over the phone. If you need to contact him then please do not hesitate to ring him on his landline 028 9591 3219. Also he will be providing weekly sermons that will be posted for streaming playback on our website Any updates additions or changes we will do our best to actively post here.

In addition Methodist UK has posted helpful information with links to worship tools within the Methodist online community and can be found HERE

Please don’t feel alone at this time, if you need help ask for it, if you are self isolating and need a friendly voice then please reach out to us. We are Gods family and it’s our duty to look out for each other in these uncertain days. All you need do is ask. God bless and keep us all, Amen

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