A good old Mossley send-off

Sunday past was Pentecost, where we gathered in morning worship led by Darrin Thompson. Treated for one last time to Darrin’s wisdom and teachings where after completing his training in June, moves on to take over as Minister in Enniskillen and surrounding Methodist circuit.

It was wonderful to welcome Darrin’s family and friends as they joined with us for this mile stone occasion. At the conclusion of the service we were able to show our thanks and appreciation as Alison Todd, our Society Steward, presented a gift from the congregation. Then in true Methodist style we had a lovely time of fellowship over lunch supplied by the ladies of our church. (click on the images below to enlarge).

Although this is something Darrin wanted to avoid, he was compelled to write later that afternoon on social media:

“I told myself I wouldn’t do this status so here I am being a liar lol! 
I’m just totally blown away by the love and generosity I have been shown by the folks of Mossley Methodist Church! Today was my last service with them and it’s a very sad one for me because from week 1 I was made the feel part of the church family and I will truly miss them all! Thank you all for the gifts and for the wee messages you wrote for me, you had this big Larne man in tears!!! My hope and prayer is that as a church you all continue to persevere in Christ and continue to stand up for him! Thank you again to all of you and please anytime you are in Enniskillen do come and visit”

Below are added just a few of the responses, as we read them, we just want to take time and pray for you Darrin, wishing you joy and peace in all God has planned for you.

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Now with that said, I’m sure I can speak for everyone in saying thank you Darrin for the time you spent working with us and becoming an extended member of our church family in Mossley.

Maybe in Gods good timing there will be a chance to hear the ‘quiet man with the BIG voice’ preach to us.

You can tune in to Darrin’s final Lesson on Pentecost (and previous sermons) by going to our LISTEN page.


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