Mossley Methodist Ramblers …final walk for 2015

It was always going to be a wet day, and unbelievably we have been blessed with beautiful dry days up until yesterday’s walk THE CASTLE WARD BOUNDRY TRAIL – 8miles. However it being our last of the year I just didn’t have the heart to cancel.

We were drenched, and I may have muddled the route a little, but the group spirit was high and once again being blessed by creation and fellowship was the order of the day.

Well done everyone for pushing on through the weather. I must take this opportunity to thank you all who have joined us on any of these walks, every single person has added to the fun and success of the day. So I look forward to seeing you all out again in January 2016. (Ps it might be an idea to ask Santa for a pair of gaiters 😉)




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