Mossley Methodist Retreat 2015

A group of our church family returned for the second time to Glenada Newcastle last weekend, where we had wonderful teaching through visualisation and meditative prayer from Brid O’Hare …it is safe to say that we all slept better than expected that first night.

Newcastle is the perfect location to appreciate Gods creation. Our walk with HIM and Friendships have most certainly deepened.

See an over view of the weekend from the selection below (double click to see larger)


The ‘upper room’ …study, prayer and reflection. Spot the little on-looker … wee Georgia, who became ‘the perfect illustration’ for Gods love for us.
Down Time … tea and biscuits supplied by faithful servants. A thank you and goodbye to Brid. FUN night winners from Adelaide and Alan …priceless
Saturday down time .. some of the Ramblers drove to Dundrum and walked along Murlough Bay where they were treated to Gods beauty through creation. (ye that would be Tommy and Joe up the tree. They wanted to take the visualization of Zacchaeus into practice (or maybe they are just big kids)


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