Craft Club, Autumn Update

Any one passing through the foyer of our church at Mossley last Sunday, may have noticed a little update to the notice board under the Friday Craft Club section. You’ll find that these talented ladies have been beavering away, multiplying their stocks, since September. All ready for delivery to their current 22/23 project.

I asked one of the members, Mildred Wallace, for a little update, and here’s what she had to say:

“Mossley Methodist Craft Club may be small in numbers, but we have BIG ambitions. We have had many worthwhile projects over the years, and our current one is very dear to our hearts. This year we are knitting blankets, hats and cardigans for Antrim Area Maternity Unit. It gives us great pleasure to help and support all the babies”

Blankets, hats and cardigans for Antrim Area Maternity Unit, all produced since September 2022
How can you help with this endeavour?

As much as you would be may very welcome, you don’t have to physically meet in the church. Mildred tells me that some valued contributors prefer knitting from their own home. Or maybe you’re not a creative type and therefore you would like to get involved by donating towards buying wool?
Whatever way you would like to contribute drop us a line below and make your first step to becoming part of the Craft Club Team.

Final word from me: “beautiful knitwear ladies, keep up the good work!”

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