Midweek Fellowship, Six Week Study

The six weeks study on the Book of Romans is designed to help us more actively engage with God’s Word by understanding its background and culture, and applying it in a fresh way to our lives.

This liberating video study focuses on several important themes:

  1. The Problem We Face(Romans 1-2) 
    The reality, danger, and power of sin – the deepest problem humans face.
  2. The Gift We’ve Been Offered (Romans 3-5)
    God’s grace, which is real, amazing, available to all.
  3. The Battle We Fight – (Romans 6-8)
    God has set us free, but the battle with sin continues – becoming like Jesus demands continual surrender.
  4. The Story We’ve Joined (Romans 9-11)
    We are a part of God’s beautiful story – creation, fall, redemption, and restoration.
  5. The Path We Follow(Romans 12-13)
    Christians follow in Jesus’ footsteps by humbly serving and sacrificially loving others.
  6. The Fellowship We Find(Romans 14-16)
    Christ-followers are called to live in fellowship with each other.

Beginning this Wednesday 9th of February, meeting in the Church Coffee Room for 7:30pm. Everyone welcome!

COVID guidelines apply.

Mossley Methodist Midweek Fellowship, conducted by Rev Sam Campbell @ 7:30pm

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