Reflection on Candlelit 9 Lessons & Carols

In Mossley this morning we were treated to a beautifully moving multimedia walk through of the Nativity Story. The Candles and fairy lights that twinkled around the church embellished the mood and encouraged renewed child-like wonder.

Everyone who attended would undoubtedly like to reiterate their thanks to Colin and Christine and anyone who took part in the video presentation. COVID Restrictions were fully adhered to, yet taken to a new level by Our Fathers faithful servants thinking creatively outside the box.

Also it was incredibly encouraging to see a return to our family gathering those who until now haven’t been able to attend due to illness or shielding.

Sadly we are unable to post a link from this mornings Candlelit 9 Lessons & Carols Service. However if you click on the window below you will find last years beautiful meditation with passages being read by our Mossley Congregation and the addition of a 2021 updated epilogue from our Minister Sam Campbell at the conclusion.

Alternatively if you wish to ‘cast’ directly to your SMART television and experience a full ‘at home’ experience. Then follow this LINK to take you directly to our Mossley Methodist YouTube page.

9 Lessons Carol Service, audio video from members of Mossley Methodist Church. Updated from Christmas 2020

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