MCI, responding globally to the pandemic…

A Statement from the Connexional Offices

We have been greatly troubled by the frightening Covid statistics in other parts of the world.

The terrible scenes in India remind us that, although we may be planning for a return to a new normal, many countries and people are far from that point.

We thank God for the advantages we have in our society.

Our Methodist Church in Ireland wishes to share how it has been helping those beyond Ireland over the last year.

1. Prayer

Both World Development & Relief and its sister department, World Mission Partnership, share weekly Prayers of Solidarity for different parts of the world.

These are sent to ministers and can be used within services or as individuals.

They are also on the respective websites.

2. Advocating

In relation to the inequity of vaccine distribution, World Development & Relief has directed us towards a global campaign calling for fair distribution by companies and governments.

It has also provided the means to lobby our own political representatives to demand such distribution.

Our Methodist President, World Development & Relief and World Mission Partnership have signed international petitions for vaccine justice.

3. Financial support

a) Word Mission Partnership has sent support grants to sister churches in Haiti, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Poland, Myanmar and Togo, totalling £40,000 / €46,000.

b) World Development & Relief has been able to give an additional £75,000 / €86,000 to our international development partners because of the increased giving of many.

MCI’s own resources are limited and, although it would love to be able to respond to every need reported, it is felt that standing in solidarity with our current long-term friends and partners is the best way to have an impact as a church.

4. Learning

WDR and WMP have directed us towards resources so we might understand the global dimension of the pandemic.

5. Giving thanks for our own vaccines

If we have not already done so, we will soon receive our own vaccinations.

This is not the case for the majority of this world.

The Methodist Church in Ireland asks that every Methodist who receives their vaccine for free, considers giving a thanks offering to support our World Development partners who need us more than ever. A vaccine costs approximately £25 / €30.

This would be a wonderful expression of our thanks to God.

Thank you to all those who have already taken action.

The information for all these actions can be found on the World Development & Relief website or by contacting their office.

We ask that God gives all of us a compassion for our fellow man, woman and child.

A compassion that moves us to act.

And we pray that, as Christ’s disciples, we could lead the way.

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