Mossley appoints a new Treasurer

The New Testament is very clear on the importance of The Body of Christ. We are taught that within The Body, His Church, each member has a specific and very relevant part to play. Indeed in various translations of 1 Corinthians 12: 28-31 the gift of Administrators, is one roll highlighted as being of the Holy Spirit. Therefore we see that Financial and Administration work in the Church can be another way of promoting His Kingdom, within local community and the world. 

This aspect of church life carries with it certain responsibilities, without someone to look after it in the church, to be Stewards of the money placed in their care, Christs work would simply not be done.

This is why at Mossley we have been incredibly fortunate with our continued succession of the roll of Treasurer. To name a few Robert Raj, Dorothy Reynolds and to date Adrian Borland. 

Adrian has been treasurer now since 2016, and excuse the pun, but we definitely got our moneys-worth out of him. Thankfully we are not losing him from our congregation. However it’s agreed that he has done his time, and paid his dues in doing a fantastic job for us. Plus Adrian will no doubt be a valued mentor to his successor Keith Speers.

Keith and Uli Speers have been members of our congregation now since November 2017. So it was with great pleasure and gratitude that the Church Council received Keiths acceptance to take on the mantel of Treasurer. 

As a congregation we thank you Keith and please know that our prayers and support are with you as you settle into this new calling within the work of our Church.

If you pay towards the running and projects associated to our church then please be aware that email and postal addresses have now been updated to Keith as point of contact.

These details along with a guide to help you choose a way of financially supporting the running of our church, can be found on the GIVING DURING COVID-19 page. All that is left to say is many thanks and blessings to everyone for your unwavering and continued support.

Keith Speers – Newly Appointed Treasurer

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