#Throwback February

It won’t be long before we are marking a full year of lockdown. There is still some distance to go. However thankfully the hope given to us in the incredible turnaround of a vaccine, certainly is an answer to prayer.

Throughout this time many of us have hit milestones that we haven’t been able to address in the usual or expected manner. Birthdays, births and sadly deaths. Our annual traditions have had to be scaled down, shelved or put on hold.

This February in Mossley sees another tradition being put on hold. I’m not talking about Valentine’s Day – although it might be an idea to get in there early and support your local florist. No, I am referring to the tradition of the Annual Mossley Methodist Church Dinner. It’s hard to believe that this time last year we were all together eating, laughing and even hugging one another. This week would have seen Christine and Colin creating themed table displays, organising seating plans, fine tuning rounds for after dinner games and of course choosing as Hosts what their fancy dress outfits would be.

Christine & Colin dressed to the nines – February 2020 Church Dinner

I know it’s a cliche, but it really is amazing how much you appreciate something when you can’t have it anymore.

Every year Christine and Colin ended by thanking us and saying “…It wouldn’t be a success without you”. So this evening instead of heading over to Corrs Corner in a nice new outfit and a blow-dry, why don’t you enjoy some past memories (and antics) shared together, by looking back over the photos and links below.

Heres to laughs, heres to absent friends and heres to next year!

February 2015 Church Dinner
February 2015 Church Dinner
February 2015 Church Dinner
February 2015 Church Dinner
February 2015 Church Dinner

2017 Church Dinner VIEW HERE

2018 Church Dinner VIEW HERE

2019 Church Dinner VIEW HERE

2020 Church Dinner VIEW HERE

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