9 Lessons For Christmas, Carol Service

Christmas 2020, we hear over and over, will be very different this year. To many of us ‘having a Peaceful Christmas’ will be taking on a whole new meaning as we stick to our bubbles or even find ourselves alone.

Traditionally, this evening would have been our Candlelight Service in Mossley, and now it too, along with everything else, has to be done a little differently by simply clicking on the link or window below.

You may choose to tune in curled up on the sofa with a cup of coffee, maybe even playing it in the background as you wrap presents or if you really want to go for it you can YouTube ‘cast’ it on to your television. Ultimately the hope is that within the forty-five minutes, you find comfort in hearing the familiar voices of our church family guiding you through the Nativity Story and helping you in the coming days to enter into the Spirit of Christmas.

9 Lessons Carol Service, audio video from members of Mossley Methodist Church

This LINK will take you directly to our Mossley Methodist YouTube page if you wish to ‘cast’ it to your television.

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