For posterity’s sake, Sam asked that this image be taken. Hopefully wearing masks and social distancing in our church buildings will soon become a distant memory. It certainly is very odd to see our call to worship set out like this. 

Before pressing the shutter-release button I quipped “everyone smile, say cheese”, which since ‘forever’ we have been used to doing this for the camera. The lovely thing is that if you look hard, people with smiling eyes can clearly be seen behind their masks. 

The storm of Covid (as much as we attempt normality) still rages. Everyday brings its new challenges for communities and individuals. The leadership team at Mossley, and I am sure throughout the MCI, would hope that this new attendance (of course if able to do so) would not only make every individual feel safe but also allow them to find ‘the calm’, centred in the eye of the storm. Above all that church attendance is still a place to find blessing in meeting with God and enjoying fellowship with his people.

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