‘Journey to the Cross’ Together this Holy Week

Meditations taking us through the journey of Holy Week are being posted everyday on the Irish Methodist website and their social media pages. Each day the Rev. Janet Unsworth will share and reflect on John’s Gospel. These can be found listed under HOLY WEEK MEDITATIONS “The Journey to the Cross” HERE

Monday’s Theme: “A Costly Gift”
Readings: Pslam 36:5-11, Isaiah 42:1-9, Hebrews 9:11-15, John 12:1-11

More about Holy Week meditations “The Journey to the Cross”:
John’s Gospel provides us with a detailed account of Jesus’ words and actions in the days leading up to the Crucifixion. As we journey towards the Cross again this Holy Week, we consider those words and actions, the effect they had on the people who encountered Jesus in those days, and what the Gospel has to teach us about our journey today. May this journey be one of encounter for us, as we gather together to worship the one who has shown us the Way.

Rev. Janet Unsworth reflects on John 12: 1-11

Rev Janet Unsworth has been teaching New Testament studies to Edgehill students since 2003. Narrative critical approaches to the Gospel of John has been her particular area of research and she gained her PhD at Queen’s University Belfast. After secondary education at Methodist College, Janet studied Ancient and Modern History at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University, before teaching History at a school in London. In 1993 she became the Children’s Work Co-ordinator for the Methodist Church in Ireland. Following theological studies and ministerial training at Edgehill, and ministry in Newry, Janet was appointed to the post of Director of Studies in Edgehill Theological College in 2009.  Janet was appointed Acting Principal in June 2017.

Janet is passionate about helping people to grow in their understanding of the Biblical text. Currently she is co-chair of the Johannine Literature Seminar of the British New Testament Society. As well as all things historical, Janet is enthusiastic about music. She is married to John and they have two children, Rebekah and Peter.

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