Gifts For Life – alternative gifts for Christmas

Maybe not everyone would be delighted to get a Christmas gift like this,

BUT, in some parts of the world, these are perfect gifts:

1. In Ethiopia, farmers need watering cans to water their vegetables. They live in a very dry place and
they are using new farming methods so that they can grow more food.

2. In Zimbabwe, many people in rural areas do not have clean safe water. However, they are putting in
special pumps that can bring up water from underneath riverbeds that appear to be dry but where
there is actually good clean water; you just can’t see it.

3. In Ghana, poor farmers are given goats to breed. They use the manure for their crops and sell the kids
for extra income. They also give some of the kids to other farmers to get them started.

In all these stories, our Methodist Church in Ireland (through World Development & Relief) is helping local

people to make these things happen.

Gifts for Life’ catalogues available in vestibule

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