Year End, looking towards Summer

With the first day of summer greeting us tomorrow, we are hoping that you not only get to enjoy days out with the family at the beach, but are also able to continue in joining your church family for worship throughout the summer months.

MAY – JUNE: Services

7th May:    11am Rev A. Lorimer (Holy Communion).  7pm ‘Go to’ at
14th May:  11am Rev A. Lorimer
21st May:   11am Rev A. Lorimer.  6.30pm Café Church
28th May:  11am Rev A. Lorimer

4th June:    11am Rev A. Lorimer (Holy Communion). 7pm ‘Go to’ at
11th June:  11am Local Preachers Service (Simon Gowdy)
18th June:  11am Youth Service – Elaine Gowdy. 6.30pm Café Church
25th June:  11am Rev A. Lorimer

We pray whatever you are doing this summer that you have a blessed time and hopefully we will see plenty of SUNSHINE

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