Connected At A Glance: Issue 01

Our Church Calendar has come to an end for another year and all our volunteers and leaders get to recharge over the summer months. This can be a time for all of us as a church family to reflect and be challenged, possibly in attending something else outside of Sunday worship, maybe bravely asking a neighbour or friend along, possibly taking the opportunity in helping out by giving your time or resources and indeed finally, and most importantly, choosing to pray and encourage our Groups and Leaders as they move on refreshed and inspired into September schedules.

I hope over the summer months to approach some Leaders and individuals that attend the Groups and Clubs that are run through our church and ask them to reflect on the past year, sharing with us little snippets of enlightenment or ‘God moments’, along with any achievements or new ground gained. (they don’t know this yet, they will love me 😉

At A Glance: ISSUE 01
To get the ball rolling I spoke to Hettie Heffern. Read below as she reflects on the continued mission work of the Craft Club,  its many achievements, AND diversity throughout the year.

“We really enjoy our Friday mornings and a warm welcome would be extended to anyone who would like to join us (which includes any creative Men out there). This year we have attendance from three of the original members along with a further two from the Church and two from Mothers & Toddlers. Apart from a creative interest (skill is not a necessity, as every days a learning day), the ONLY real qualifications required to attend would be enjoying a bit of crack over a cuppa and biscuit. WE WILL HAPPILY TEACH YOU TO KNIT OR CROCHET IF YOU WANT TO LEARN.

Over the past few years we have made burial clothes for stillborn babies, glove puppets to help councillors talk to abused children, blankets for elderly people in local nursing homes, jumpers for babies in Uganda, baby cloths for the Royal Victoria Hospital maternity unit, hats and scarves for homeless people and have come full circle again making tiny burial clothes.

In September we will be starting a NEW PROJECT: Knitting ‘Sensory Bands’ for Dementia sufferers, colourful muff-like bands with the addition of ribbons, buttons etc sewn into them to place their hands inside and ‘twiddle’, as distraction from pulling at clothing and drips… but generally just to occupy their hands. One of our members works in a nursing home and put the idea to an Occupational Therapist there who thought it a ‘great idea’.”

Sensory Band for Dementia sufferers

Hettie went on to suggest that not everyone can attend Friday morning, however if there was someone reading this who has an interest in supporting the Craft Club mission work through the use of their skills and in their own time, they would be very glad to provide them with a pattern and wool. ALSO Members buy all the wool themselves so if anyone would like to donate a ball or two of wool in this also they would be very grateful …just think, a little child or homeless person out there will benefit with an added warmth or comfort because of YOU!

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