Recently I spoke to Simon Gowdy our part time youth worker in Mossley to get an insight into the work he and his volunteers have been putting into the youth of our church in Mossley.

“Refuge was established as Mossley Methodist youth organisation in November 2012 and started with an average of 12 junior members, ages 6-12. We have seen fantastic results due to the groundwork put in by the volunteers and through a number of outreach events that we ran during 2013. All of this work has seen the membership grow to over 40 juniors in attendance.

Junior Youth Fellowship has been newly founded and includes 10 members which readily attend Refuge. Meeting on Sunday evenings these young people have learnt about Creation, Noah’s Ark and are currently learning about how to pray and what prayer means.

Young Adults Fellowship began with 16 members who regularly attend the sessions held on Sunday evenings from 8pm to 9.30pm. I believe it is important as a young adults group to encourage reaching out to other youth groups within the area to build new relationships and have done so with New Mossley Presbyterian where we held 2 recent events between our churches.The group I am happy to say has a growing membership of 20 young adults now with an average attendance of between 8-10 attending Sunday evening workshops/meetings regularly.
To encourage learning about Christ and sharing their own Christian experiences with each other, the young people conducted video interviews with Alan (our minister) and Colin (church steward) to get some background on their lives and will look to share these with the congregation once they have been edited.
I am also pleased to say that the young people are proactive in supporting Mission as they recently completed a 24 hour Movie-athon in the church to raise funds for 4 of the young people, siblings Jack and Allie McMahon, Jordan Barr and Kathryn Lorimer who are going to be completing Missionary work across various parts of the world over these summer months.
I want to take this opportunity to publicly thank all the volunteers for their hard work and dedication to the youth work in Mossley, especially those who are ALWAYS there when we need them”.
Simon Gowdy, Mossley Youth worker.


Refuge – We want to see the young people of Refuge youth club choose to attend Christ centred meetings such as Junior YF and Sunday school to learn more about Christ and begin to have their own experiences with Him through the work we are doing as church leaders and friends. To do this we will begin to communicate more often with their parents and increase the awareness of what the church has to offer their young person.

Junior YF – We want to see the young people grow in Christ and flourish in their relationship with Him. We will continue to lead Christ centred meetings filled with fun and games to help these young people grow!!

Senior YF – To see the young adults build deeper relationships with Christ and each other which will hopefully give them the desire to regularly attend church services other than those which are specifically for their age. We will look to get the young adults more involved where possible with church services – whether it’s readings, prayers of intercession or collection.

Psalm 16 vs.1 – Keep me safe, my God, for in you I take Refuge

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