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Morning readings and lesson from Mossley Methodist Church

Holy Holy Holy… listen in TODAY

Its Bank Holiday Weekend for many of you, with the most beautiful sunshine, that we hope you are enjoying.

Well now not making it to Service this morning is ok, because LOOK HERE we have todays sermon uploaded and ready for you to listen in at your leisure.

… but be sure of this, we missed your company and hope to see you again soon. Prayers and blessings from the Mossley Methodist Team.



The Inspiring Story of Brian Gault

Join us for an evening with Brian & May Gault

WHERE: Mossley Methodist Ladies MWI
WHEN: Monday 9th April 2018
TIME: 8.00pm, all ladies welcome!

Screen Shot 2018-04-05 at 21.30.00

“Have you ever felt like giving up? Then, you must meet Brian. His love for life is infectious, his determination not to allow his physical disability to make him an outcast or socially isolated is awesome and inspirational.”

Brian is one of the survivors of the ‘miracle drug’ Thalidomide used during the early 1960’s. To the shock of his parents, he was born with no arms.

His feet are his hands, his legs his arms, each word uttered is underlined with a gesture of his leg and foot. As he explains – ‘the only time his feet are at rest is when he is walking’.

Brian is “over the moon” at the response to his story – throughout the British Isles, Ireland & Worldwide. He married his “wee treasure” – May, during August 2000.

(All royalties from Brian’s best-selling book 20th reprint – “Look, No Hands!” are providing practical support and helping to raise awareness of the plight of children who are still being born with Thalidomide-related disabilities in Brazil and disabled children and adults throughout the world).

His book could be an ideal gift/present. Brian will be only too pleased to chat with everyone after the meeting.

“Brian’s story is lively, funny, challenging and moving – it has already encouraged thousands of lives.”

Mossley Methodist Ramblers – Spring & Early Summer 2018

Three more walks added of various grades. Getting out for fresh air, at a healthy pace and with great crack … and of course a sticky bun as your own personal reward.

So if you are fit, aged between 8 to 80 (children require accompanying adults) and kitted out in the correct walking footwear / waterproof clothing your very welcome. Speak to Evelyn for further information.

Helens Bay to Bangor Station – linear, easy grade 4 miles: 21st April

Silent Valley – linear, moderate grade 6 miles: 5th May

Gobbins Cliff Path – linear, easy / moderate+ grade 1.2 miles: 30th June

Rambling walks are undertaken at your own risk and we accept no liability for any accidents – ultimately your and your child’s safety is your own responsibility.